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Hoerger C.C, Werner A., Plass-Duelmer C., Reimann S., Eckart E., Steinbrecher R., Aalto J., Arduini J., Bonnaire N., Cape J.N et al..  2015.  ACTRIS non-methane hydrocarbon intercomparison experiment in Europe to support WMO-GAW and EMEP observation networks. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 8:2715-2736.
Twigg M.M., Aruffo E., Kentisbeer J., Malley C., Leeson S., Jones M.R., Nemitz E., Di Carlo P., Braban C..  2015.  Deriving a speciated atmospheric nitrogen budget at Auchencorth Moss, a background site in south east Scotland. EGU 2015.
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Twigg M., Di Marco C., Nemitz E., Cape N..  2010.  Long term monitoring of reactive gases and water soluble aerosol components at a remote field site in South East Scotland [Poster]. Monitoring Ambient Air 2010: Current & Future Air Quality Monitoring.
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