The Auchencorth Moss (AMo) field, South East Scotland (5547’36” N, 3°14’41” W), is an ombrotrophic peatland with an extensive fetch at an elevation of 270 m, lying 18 km SSW of Edinburgh, and can be categorised as a transitional lowland raised bog. The site is grazed with < 1 sheep ha-1.

Photo and video credits: ICOS and Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka). Further details can be found at:

The site was originally established in 1995 to measure concentrations of trace gases and aerosols. During 2000s the site activity has increased and was established in 2006 as EMEP (Level 2/3) supersite for the UK. Long term monitoring is led by NERC CEH with contributions from other organisations/research institutes including Ricardo AEA, BureauVeritas, NPL, the University of Birmingham and University of Edinburgh. In April 2014 the site was awarded WMO GAW regional station.



Currently CEH focus on three main areas of research at the AMo fieldsite: 

1. Surface-atmosphere exchange fluxes

2. Atmospheric composition

3. Carbon catchments

Full details of all the measured parameters at Auchencorth can be found here.