New ACTRIS research project kicked off in June 2015

The Horizon 2020 ACTRIS project (The European research infrastructure for the observation of aerosols, clouds and trace gases), kicked off in June 2015. Auchencorth Moss will continue as a site within this infrastructure project using state-of-the-art protocols and standards. The project enables UK scientists to work towards high quality control standards for core measurements at the site including NOx, VOCs and particle characterisation.

ACTRIS has a transnational access call for access to many European sites, including calibration centres. Please note, there is no transnational access to Auchencorth Moss within ACTRIS, but if you are interested in doing research at Auchencorth Moss please contact us!

For further information about NERC CEH and ACTRIS please contact Christine Braban or Marsailidh Twigg.