The site has an extensive fetch (see above) and frequently near neutral condition (Figure 2) making it ideal for micrometeorological flux measurements.

atmospheric stability graph

 Figure 1. Characterisation of atmospheric stability (ζ=(z-d)/L) for the year 2007 at Auchencorth Moss (Twigg et al. 2011).


Currently continuous flux measurements include NO, NO2, O3, CH4, SO2 and NH3 using automated systems (Picture of Flux tower).  In addition to this, previous campaign flux work has included the study of Alkyl Nitrates, Peroxyalkyl nitrates, VOCs and aerosols. In addition to this soil exchange measurements of NO and NO2 are continuously measured using an automated cuvette system. There is also detailed characterisation of (micro-) meteorological parameters (including turbulence, heat fluxes, radiation, temperature, humidity).

auto chambers


Twigg, M., Famulari, D., Flechard, C., Chojnicki, B., Urbaniak, M., Olejnik, J., Sutton, M., Nemtiz, E. (2011) Development of long term reactive N flux network in Europe. [speech] In: Nitrogen and Global Change: Key findings - future challenges, Edinburgh, UK, 11-15 April 2011.